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About the new book by Dieter Duhm: Terra Nova. Global Revolution and the Healing of Love,

(Will be released Sept. 18, 2015!)

By Martin Winiecki

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The Tamera Peace Research Center in Portugal outlines a compelling vision of and plan towards a new global culture. Based on decades of radical research, the project states:
It is possible to green deserts and restore nature all over the world within one generation! We can make water, energy and food freely available to the entire global population; we can establish new ways of human coexistence based on trust and love free from fear.
A world without war must no longer remain a dream.

At a time where the world is full of wars and humanitarian tragedies, where man- made environmental disasters threaten the future of our civilization, Dr. Dieter Duhm publishes the blueprint for a humane future society. Terra Nova: Global Revolution and the Healing of Love is not a book for fast solutions or easy recipes. Rather, it relates to existential questions of our times: Is there still a realistic hope for a future worth living? Will we survive the social and ecological crises we have brought about?
In his latest offering, the sociologist, psychoanalyst and co-founder of the Tamera Peace Research Center takes a profound view into the roots of the global crisis, while at the same time points out the foundations of planetary renewal.

A central statement from Duhm is that humankind lives under the spell of “collective trauma.” In his psychoanalytical experience he witnessed an identical structure of fear at the bottom of all patients’ individual characters and saw that this trauma originated not only in people’s personal biographies, but in our collective history of millennia of war and atrocity. Duhm says that we all carry the inherited memory of the patriarchal war history within our genetic code. Today the collective trauma is what steers – more or less unconsciously – most of our individual thinking and behavior as well as our political and economic systems. All over the world, this destructive mechanism leads to the same symptoms of mistrust, competition, isolation, depression and the (latent) readiness for violence.
All over the world, the most beautiful love relationships, friendships, communities, promises and hopes collapse due to this trauma. As we try to protect ourselves from further pain, we wound ourselves and others. Victims turn into perpetrators; each generation passes suffering onto the next. This experience has repeated so often that most people believe the human being to be violent and selfish by nature; they think war is simply part of life and love is nothing more than a dream.

However, as Duhm outlines, “As humankind sent a fully functioning shuttle, equipped with a digital laboratory, to Mars, it could also develop a new concept for a nonviolent planetary existence.“ this is not human nature per se, but our historic conditioning. Human beings are solely responsible for war, violence, suffering and mistrust, as well as the destruction of this Earth; we are therefore also able to reverse these developments and initiate a new era in human evolution. Duhm writes, “As humankind sent a fully functioning shuttle, equipped with a digital laboratory, to Mars, it could also develop a new concept for a nonviolent planetary existence.”

Referencing a wide array of revolutionary pioneers such as Teilhard de Chardin, Wilhelm Reich, Peace Pilgrim, Jacques Lusseyran and Satprem, as well as incorporating insights of both modern science and spiritual wisdom, this books guides the reader into profound realms of thought wherein “global healing” becomes an increasingly realistic undertaking.
As it takes its readers beyond the limitations of mechanistic and materialistic thinking and into the logic of holistic consciousness, Terra Nova outlines a concept for global peace, the “Global Healing Biotopes Plan.” This plan suggests the creation of complex model centers, so called “Healing Biotopes,” which research and demonstrate a post-patriarchal form of life free from fear and violence. Healing Biotopes are laboratories that develop the axioms for an ecologically and socially sustainable future society; once these small-scale prototypes are functioning without inner contradiction and are sufficiently complex, they can be applied on large scale.
Healing Biotopes do not pursue individual therapy, which cannot be an adequate method of tackling a global and collective problem. They rather establish a new societal system based on truth, transparency and mutual support, which allows trust and healing to naturally arise among all people involved. In all areas – from water, energy and food supply to our co-existence with animals, all the way down to the most intimate inner human questions – these future-models implement the system change from the old pattern of violence to a new pattern of empathy, trust and cooperation. “The revolution of our time consists of a system change from the paradigm of separation to the paradigm of reunification within the universal family of life,” writes Duhm.

At the core of this revolution lies a new relation between lovers “based on truth and solidarity.” Healing Biotopes address sexuality, love and partnership as political issues, as they are crucial to either happiness or despair in every person’s life. Elisabeth Kuebler Ross, who researched near death experiences, said, “Learning to live in the right way means learning love... To my knowledge, the only thing that really heals people is unconditional love. Love is what gives life its meaning.”
Ending the historic fight between the genders is therefore an indispensable condition for the success of global peace work. “There cannot be peace on Earth so long as there is war in love,” writes the peace journalist Leila Dregger. Tamera saw that “it is not individuals’ mistakes, but a system error that makes it so difficult to find fulfillment in love;” yet discovered that love can endure under new social structures that allow trust. When there is reliable trust in a community of people, possibilities for fulfillment and healing emerge, which otherwise are nearly unimaginable. Under such conditions, the longing for partnership with one person needs no longer be in contradiction to the longing for erotic adventure with many. “Free sexuality and partnership complement each other”, Duhm writes. “Jealousy does not belong to love.”
The revolution of our time consists of a system change from the paradigm of separation to the paradigm of reunification within the universal family of life.
In Tamera’s “Global Love School”, guided by the projects’ co-founder Sabine Lichtenfels, leaders from around the world regularly come together to work on these topics; people experience the transformation that occurs in themselves and their relationships when they are able to reveal themselves authentically with their fear and conflicts, joys and fantasies.

The “Healing Biotopes Project,” which Duhm initiated, has been working on the foundations of a future without war for nearly forty years. In Tamera in southern Portugal, the first developing Healing Biotope, around 160 people from various countries live and work. It is one of the most radical community experiments of our time. A global network is connected to the  “SD Forum” during an art course in Tamera project and prepares the implementation of next model centers in other countries. Tamera combines the social work on community, sexuality and love with new ecological and technological models for restoring nature, regenerative autonomy in water, food, and energy and cooperation with animals. Tamera built a “Water Retention Landscape” which reversed desertification and revitalized the natural landscpe within a few years. Designed following natural principles, this measure has allowed the rainwater falling on the land to be absorbed by the earth and thereby create abundance in water, vegetation and biodiversity in region that had formerly been poised to become a desert within twenty years.
This experience gave rise to a political vision, “The old mega-systems will be replaced by decentralized, small-scale, largely self-sufficient systems, which supply humanity with the basic material necessities (water, energy, food) as well as culture, spirituality, and Eros. This movement will lead to a gradual dissolution of nation states...The new planetary community will spread rapidly as soon as the first functioning models exist.”


More information and for pre-ordering the book: http://terranova.tamera.org/