This website is maintained by the Institute for Global Peace Work (IGP) in Tamera, Portugal. The IGP connects peace workers and initiatives from many countries in a worldwide network with the goal of manifesting the "Plan of the Healing Biotopes" initiated by Dieter Duhm: Centers where the desired non-violent world society can be experienced in real life shall arise at various places on Earth. Even a few such centers worldwide would suffice to introduce a new era of peace.
The IGP keeps contact with those who are ready and able to participate in this global cooperative for a future without war. It gathers the knowledge and the financial resources that are required to build such centers.
The books and articles of Dieter Duhm serve the preparation of a global mental-spiritual field. They are the study material for the "Terra Nova School".

We are thankful for financial support of Dieter Duhm's work. Donations marked "Terra Nova School" can be sent to following accounts:

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