You will find here an introduction to the thoughts and current texts of Dr Dieter Duhm, born in 1942, initiator of the 'Global Healing Biotopes' project. He is the founder of Tamera Peace Research Center together with his life partner Sabine Lichtenfels. As scientist and artist, he works in the areas of Eros and healing, the theory of global healing, concrete utopia and on the building of real-life models. Over the years, a worldwide network of groups and projects who take these basic thoughts as their orientation has developed.


Dieter Duhm: Trust is the most revolutionary political term that exists today

Excerpts of an interview with Dieter Duhm, May 11th, 2014


Dieter Duhm: Compassion - Contributions to the Theory of Global Revolution

Excerpts of a speech by Dieter Duhm, held in Tamera on February 10th, 2013.


Books  by Dieter Duhm: (available in English):

Cover Terra Nova Dieter Duhm: Terra Nova. Global Revolution and the Healing of Love. NEW!!

ISBN 3-978-927266-54-4

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Towards a New Culture Cover Dieter Duhm: Towards A New Culture. From Refusal to Re-Creation. Outline of an Ecological and Humane Alternative. (Verlag Meiga, 2012)

ISBN 3-978-927266-37-7

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Eros Unredeemed Cover bigDieter Duhm: Eros Unredeemed. The World Power of Sexuality. (Verlag Meiga, 2010)

ISBN 978-3-927266-13-1

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Sacred Matris Cover Dieter Duhm: The Sacred Matrix. From the Matrix of Violence to the Matrix of Life. The Foundation of a New Civilisation. (Verlag Meiga, 2008)

ISBN 978-3-927266-16-2

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Dieter Duhm: Future without War. Theory of Global Healing. (Verlag Meiga, 2007)

ISBN 978-3-927266-24-7

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Global Campus, 2012

Christmas Message, 2012

Global GRACE Day, 2012

Tamera Manifesto. For a New Generation on Planet Earth, 2011

Soul Vision, 2011

Save the World. A message from GRACE - Movement for a Free Earth

Beyond 2012, 2010

Planetary Theory, 2010

Globalization of Peace and Healing of the Earth, 2008

The Totality of Possibilities, 2007

The War Society and its Transformation, 2005

Project Declaration 1. Is Peace Possible? The Experiment Monte Cerro, 2004

Community as a Research Issue, 2003