Dear friends,

Humankind’s dream of a world without war and violence must no longer remain only a dream.

It is actually a realistic undertaking, according to the psychoanalyst and project founder Dieter Duhm and his team.
Based on decades of research and experience related to the future of humanity, they have composed the so-called “Political Theory.”

This theory forms the basis of an extraordinary peace plan which urgently needs global attention. The earth’s emergency call has become so unmistakable, so absolutely compelling, that we have to spread the knowledge about freeing our planet from the choking grip of violence.

What we humans consider to be possible or not is a question of our thinking system, our information system. To change an information system does not mean to add a tiny positive information on top of all the negative ones. There is another logic in changing a system as soon as the information we want to add is in alliance with life.

We invite you to understand, study and distribute the thoughts and books. We invite filmakers, social media specialists, communication strategists, designers, writers, everyone who wants to stand up for life!

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