(Chapter of the book: Terra Nova. Global Revolution and the Healing of Love)

We are living in times of change. We are facing a planetary renewal that we did not see when we were fighting the system with anti-fascist slogans in the students’ movement of the last century. Latent fascism is present everywhere; it is the cancer of humanity. It is not effective to fight fascism with ideology; this cannot change much. Once one has understood what actually happened in German fascism under Hitler, what gruesome things were done, or at least accepted, by millions of citizens, then all anti-fascist slogans and all democratic assurances fall silent, for one understands that another issue is at hand here.

Fascism is an inherent component of our current society. It develops in the subconscious of our human relationships. In the emotional substrata of a misguided civilization lie the horrible powers that led to Nazi Germany and which currently lead to very similar atrocities in many countries on Earth.

In order to overcome fascism we need a new model for our civilization that enables a fundamental renewal in the core human realms of sex, love, partnership, and community, for it is here above all that we find the psychological origins for the emergence of fascist violence. Alice Miller studied the biographies of known dictators and criminals and always arrived at the same conclusion: when thoughts and feelings are suppressed already in childhood, the seeds for hatred and violence are sown.9

Wherever the juridical and moral systems are no longer sufficient in controlling violence, the cruelty currently raging across the entire globe becomes visible. I hesitate to look into this again but the tragedy of our time demands it. On television I saw an American mother whose son, a soldier in Iraq, had been killed. She was told that he was killed by militia defending the old regime. What she did not know was that they had bound him to a car and dragged him to death (the Americans did similar things there). It is no longer only the violence of murder, but the infernal gruesomeness with which the assassination is carried out. Who are the killers, and why are they doing this? If we shed light on the biographies of the assassins we find hardly any childhoods characterized by joy and trust.

Fascism is the result of collective sexual and emotional suppression, as well as the result of a collective disenfranchisement. As Wilhelm Reich observed, the German people exploded into fascism under Hitler because they had been prohibited from expressing elementary sexual and emotional energies over centuries. Looking from this perspective we realize how imperative it is that we liberate our sexual and emotional relations from all falsehood and meanness if we want to create a future without violence. In Tamera we have a research practice that we call “trauma work” or “the dissolution of inner minefields.” We do this from the conviction that we need to concentrate our positive powers so that inner conflicts can no longer lead to fascist thoughts or actions. Once a community has established stable positive energy, nothing terrible can happen if two parties within it find themselves in conflict. These are powers of trust. If this process is omitted, a community will fall apart. With every failed community, a dream dies; the people involved are left bewildered and are disappointed yet again. The time we live in is full of such negative experiences. Over the last decades thousands of communities around the world have fallen apart, which is why barely anyone still wants or is able to believe in the dream of community or in the success of love.

Yet new groups, determined to cooperate with life and never again with the forces of death, are sprouting up everywhere. Creating a common basis and a goal for these groups is what the global Healing Biotopes project is all about. We are creating a morphogenetic field of peace.

Individual behavior is governed by the power of fields. Fields have more influence than private opinion. It is impossible for an individual to prevail against a forceful field. Fascism drew upon the power of the field of war, which is why it could gain such great sway over individual opinions. The peace movement has to learn to leverage the power of fields in a similar way. An individual, no matter how brave he is, will fail due to the power of the current field of war. In the case of the Ukraine, we have seen how the field of public opinion blocked every attempt to create peace. This field was driven by political and economic interests of power from the West, which shaped the general opinion in the western world and moved the rulers in Kiev to send their army into east Ukraine. They could not think it through for themselves, because they were part of a field from the very beginning.

I would now like to offer some thoughts about the significance of morphogenetic fields. We need to know this in order to understand what happened during the era of German fascism, why it could happen, and how we can prevent it from happening again.

What enabled the rise of Adolf Hitler? What powers brought almost the entire world to lie at his feet? The key to Hitler’s success is rooted in the historically developed morphogenetic field of war. The German population had been living in a latent field of war. The whole world had been under the demonic possession of this field. Hitler and his propaganda minister Goebbels were extremely successful in activating this morphogenetic field and in so doing moved all of Germany into a highly charged atmosphere of war. Individuals who wanted to counter this development with the Christ impulse (see Glossary), like the Protestant theologian Dietrich Bonhoeffer, had no chance; they were assassinated. In order to effectively confront fascism, new fields need to be cultivated. The morphogenetic field of war must be replaced by a morphogenetic field of peace. These two fields will not automatically be of equal strength. The morphogenetic field of war already exists; human hearts and brains have been steeped in it for many thousands of years. The morphogenetic field of peace does not yet exist; it still needs to be established. It is the task of the new centers and their media to establish and disseminate the morphogenetic field for peace. They thereby introduce a new culture. Once it is sufficiently developed it will be in strong resonance with the power of the Sacred Matrix, and will therefore be capable of overcoming the old field of war. The morphogenetic field of peace is comprised of more than the moralistic stance of individuals; it encompasses our relationship to nature and all fellow beings; it contains a new embedment of human society into the life of the universe. Peace among human beings, peace with all creatures, peace with the Earth.