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There is a lot to do for dedicated peace workers. Sometimes it is too much, and one cannot see the inner lines of healing. That’s why the universe asks for three things:

First, to be able to do effective peace work – whether in individual communities or global networks of a larger movement – you need to put LOVE in order. Here is a collective trauma that continues to take effect in the hereditary memory of almost all human beings until it is dissolved.

Second, the issue of love is the foundation of the divine world order. Please understand this world order, understand the reality of the Sacred Matrix, and find the point of «certainty of God» that opens the gates. The project of global healing biotopes will succeed and trigger a worldwide effect when it is supported by this certainty of the «other reality», which is meant by the concept of the omega field. Please try to understand the issues of «faith» and «healing» as deeply as you can.

Third, hundreds of millions of people are fleeing. They are looking for a new home. What does home mean in a globalized world? Find out what it means spiritually – and what it could mean for an intimate human life together, as it used to be in the tribes and families. All humans and all animals need a warm nest. What would be the equivalent of this «family home» in the overall concept of the healing biotopes? How can the «intimate concept» be combined with the spiritual-political concept?