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Open letter by Dieter Duhm and Sabine Lichtenfels

Dear friends, dear colleagues in the work towards a better world!
We live in a strange time. The Corona story represents the ambiguity of a situation that calls for clarification and a way out because it is the situation of our own lives. No matter who or what staged this Corona thing and how much the anticipated collapse of the predominant financial and economic world plays a role in it, we are all involved in this story – and the way it continues will depend largely on the energies that come together today to work resolutely for a new order of life.
Global capitalism is crumbling. It faces two options: either chaos, which we cannot seriously hope for, or totalitarian surveillance states, which we cannot hope for either. We are currently witnessing the attacking of doctors and virologists who have the courage to name facts about the corona episode that do not conform to public doctrine.
We know how much additional misery is caused in many lonely people by the Corona story and its restrictions on contact; what cruel things are happening now in India, Africa and other countries of the Global South. But still, when I (Dieter Duhm) sat in front of the house one night and felt into the full extant of this incredible story, and I (Sabine Lichtenfels) meditated in a special place and listened to the voice of the world, a feeling arose within both of us as if to say: «Finally!»
FINALLY. Finally, the thought that a system that has caused so much suffering could come to an end. Fresh air and joy for humans and animals, for birds and dolphins. Finally mankind is forced to realize that it is one humanity, one earth, one organism to which we belong and from which we gain all our strength, our joy of life and our health. Here is our home.
At last! We knew that at some time we would come to this place. When this light comes on, that which unites everything rises in the heart of humanity. Arkan Lushwala, a close friend from an indigenous tradition, wrote from Peru, “ … many of us have been waiting for something like this to happen. Something powerful and sacred had to intervene to stop the destruction of the sources of life.”
Sometimes we experience this point where the divine breaks through and leads us, for a short time, into a world of grace, strength and great universal love. This is not a private experience, not just the experience of an individual ego, but in this experience beats the heart of the whole world and the global heart of all humanity. It is the message of a world that is always directed towards unity, love and healing; we call it the «Sacred Matrix». It is the most reliable foundation for the formation of a movement capable of connecting with the universal forces and healing the heart of humanity.
Empowered by the connection with this message we look to the horizon and see new communities. We see free love relationships that no longer fail due to competition and jealousy. We see landscapes that have completely regenerated; we see the friendship between humans and animals; we see the miraculous healings from Jesus to Bruno Gröning or Anita Moorjani and those we have experienced ourselves. We see behind all illness and destruction the embryonic forces of an impending world that is so real that the current realities of our derailed times seem like a strange mirage.
Let us now summarize what came to us from a higher voice:

Humankind, your voice is needed now, your true, loving voice of compassion and support for all who need help now. When you remember your original divine nature, when you know again who you really are and why you are on Earth, I will show and supply you with everything you need to live. I will show you how an entire universe wants to be reflected in the love between man and woman. I will help you to raise your voice powerfully against the arms industry and the export of weapons, against the destruction of rainforests, indigenous peoples and whole populations in the animal kingdom.
I have sent you Corona so that you may reflect and come to your senses in this global standstill. You can no longer return to your daily normality. Cease your old habits of pain, jealousy, consumerism and substitute gratification; stop the unnecessary killing and dying; stop your own hatred; stop your habitual struggles against this and that, including those in your own relationships and groups; stop the despair – finally rise above all this. There you will find the powerful places of renewal. There lies the power for the great transformation that has become inevitable for the Earth and all its inhabitants today. Take part in this power and spread it over all countries and waters.
The time of capitalism is over. Now lay the foundations for a new future that is worth living and for the infinite joy of life for all beings that inhabit your planet. There are wonderful possibilities for this in the blueprint of creation, which you can easily receive and realize, because you yourself carry them as a cosmic inheritance in your bodies, your genes, your hearts. Pull away the masks that have protected you from each other. Discover your own divine nature and its unlimited possibilities. Discover the limitless power of divine manifestation with which you can change the world, and discover the faith that heals the sick, reconciles peoples and «moves mountains».
Don’t do it halfway, do it all. Stop unnecessary prevaricating and doubting. Look into life and recognize the sacred forces at work. Learn to see; to see from within. See the new communities that are rising from the divine ground. See the love of the sexes that are beginning to recognize each other. See the feminine source and the love of all children, all human children and all animal children, for their mothers. Let your daughters prophesy, let your fathers protect all that is feminine and your mothers protect all that is masculine. See the love of the animals for humankind. Find home in the great family of life. See how quickly life renews itself once the destruction ceases.
See the great plan of a concrete utopia that has waited so long for its realization.
Thank you and amen.
In the name of love for all creatures.