We see the misfortune that came into the world through the Corona story. We see the pain of people dying agonising and often lonely deaths. We see the overload of doctors and nurses who have been on constant duty for months. We see the emotional distress of people who now lack their familiar contacts and who therefore have to deal with their fear of the virus alone. We see the lost businesses and the people who now have no future. We see the family hardships, the children without playmates, the overworked mothers, the unemployed fathers and often also domestic violence. We also see even worse things that are currently happening as a result of the Corona wave and especially of the imposed countermeasures in the countries of the Global South, where millions of people are simply facing starvation.

I don’t know how Corona originated and by what power it was able to spread worldwide in such a short time. In the beginning, we could still believe in divine forces of the earth that wanted to provide for the healing of life, for clean air, and regeneration of the waters. But then, we suspected that something was no longer right. Why, for example, were the arguments of doctors ignored when they tried to convince the public figures to think about protective measures in other ways?

When you see the pictures of people in bizarre masks greeting each other with elbows, when you hear all the official personalities saying the same thing in unison, it seems as if aliens in a macabre science fiction story have hypnotised the whole earth.

I do not want to go into the many aspects of the issue here, as it has already been done thoroughly in a recent post from Tamera. I would like to point out other things.

To understand Corona and to know what forces could be used to cure this pandemic, we need to take a wide-open view of the whole scenario of our time.

“Faith moves mountains”; this sentence of Jesus contains a truth with which lives can be saved or destroyed. Our strength or resignation, our happiness or unhappiness in love, all depend on what we believe in. When a patient with cancer receives a drug that is praised as the best in the world, it is very likely that his or her prognosis immediately improves. If he or she then hears that the medicine was fake, this power fades, the body resigns, he or she could die. If a devout Indian wades into the poisoned water of the holy Ganges and drinks it, he will come out stronger. If a citizen of the Western world were to drink it, he would at minimum get violent stomach cramps. Our beliefs, even unconscious beliefs, control our bodies and our lives. So what do we want to believe in?

We are living in the transition from the age of matter to the information age. It is information fields that determine people’s behaviour, and it is also information fields that determine the processes in the human body. We humans have a physical body and a spiritual body, which we can also call the information or spirit body. The steering power always lies with the spiritual body, which regulates the hormone balance and the messenger substances that are fed into the organism, the neural connections in the brain, and the corresponding processes in the body. It depends on the work of the spiritual body whether or not a patient dies of his illness. The many reports of near-death experiences (Anita Moorjani, Anke Evertz) or miracle healings, of rescue from hopeless situations, of immunity to fire and cold, etc. are empirical revelations of the almost unlimited survival possibilities of our body when it comes under the direction of the spirit body. I experienced it impressively in a car accident when suddenly “someone else” took over the steering wheel and prevented a catastrophe.

The spiritual body has forces of faith, will, and love that connect it in a special way with the cosmic (divine) healing fields. In this connection lie the social, ethical and political forces that we need today for the healing of human beings and the world. Where a hundred people are united in the spiritual body, the world changes.

Life is stronger than any virus. Every disease can be cured, that is written in the logbook of life. But if the information of a threatening virus is given to the world with such vehemence, then even a healthy organism can fail. With increasing information density (through media etc.) a unified information body grows together in humanity, which can be steered in different directions depending on the thoughts of the guiding forces: in the direction of a political system, in the direction of a disease, in the direction of war, in the direction of a public morality or religion – or also in the direction of a collective healing. It is always the power of collective information. It is always the spirit body that transmits the chosen information to the physical body and brings people together for war or peace, for disease or healing.

I see how many people in public life are sincerely trying to end the current crisis or at least prevent the worst. But they do not recognise the background. They do not see how individual or collective illnesses can arise from a cultural system of life which, on the whole, overrides elementary life rules of ethics and humanity, and therefore runs in a pathological direction. “The pathogen is nothing, the milieu is everything”, said the French scientist Antoine Béchamp more than a hundred years ago.

Life on earth is a coherent organism. We humans, together with all our fellow creatures, are organs in this one organism. What we humans do to our fellow creatures always comes back to us as a disease. As long as weapons are produced in highly civilised societies for the killing of others, as long as bombs are dropped on the crisis areas of the world, on their hospitals and schools, as long as animals are tortured to death in their millions – how can a healthy organism develop? Pigs are very sympathetic and soulful animals. If 60 million pigs are slaughtered every year in Germany alone, how is a healthy biosphere supposed to develop?

The present pandemic is the result of a mental infection spread today by all governments and media. It is a kind of systemic – intentional or unintentional – misinformation that does not go in the direction of healing because it ignores the soul forces of a real healing process. A healthy organism that is not threatened by a public infection alert cannot easily be thrown off course by a virus. Francis of Assisi embraced the Plague-stricken without becoming infected. The best remedy against any infection is the natural self-healing powers of life, and the deepest means of immunity is love. But how can this come about if people are deprived of their familiar contacts, if they are forced into a loneliness where there is no more love, if they are no longer even allowed to shake hands? It is clear that the disease cannot be overcome by such means.

The whole thought system of the present Corona mechanics is wrong. There is no automatic contagion, this exists only on the basis of an equal mental or biological disposition, that is: on the basis of a coherent field. Once the field is dissolved, the disease disappears. (I speak from decades of practice in living with many communities). All the powers in the world would not have had the chance to put this virus pandemic over the whole earth if humanity itself had not already been in a sick state. Corona is the condensation of a latent field of fear through which all of humanity is moving today.

At this point I would like to quote a sentence by Sabine Lichtenfels: “When dolphins swim in poisoned water and get sick – does anyone ask about a virus?” If almost the whole of humanity swims in poisoned water, what does it mean to say that a virus is the cause? In the waters of our poisoned world, many pandemics arise that are no longer recognised or named as such because they are part of everyday reality. “Pandemics” like pneumonia, abdominal pain, cancer, depression and a hundred others. Covid-19 is a relatively mild virus, the situation became so severe mainly because of the measures taken – as a result of a mental aberration – to combat it.

In truth, it is no longer a matter of a virological pandemic, but of a man-made overall disease of life on earth. As a result of a long history of war and violence, as a result of genocide, as a result of destruction of nature and climate, a fear potential has arisen in the collective soul of humanity that is receptive to all infections. Many pathogens can settle in such an organism. The worst pandemic of our time is the pandemic of fear and violence. It is too horrific what people do to each other, and what they do to animals.

And now we have the worldwide Corona wave, after which there will be no return to the previous “normality”. You don’t have to be a conspiracy theorist to know how the ruling financial powers are profiting from the crisis. The division of society into a super-rich minority and an ever more impoverished majority has taken on proportions in which a humane world is no longer possible.

If this tension continues to rise under the pressure of the hostile systems on earth, a dramatic event will undoubtedly happen. An event of a new dimension. We are definitely facing either a global apocalypse or the beginning of a whole new epoch founded on the divine basis of all life.

There is no time to lose. Genocide, killing of animals, destruction of nature. The cry of tortured people and animals can be heard from the North Pole to the South Pole. 

Of course we need individual therapy for the suffering people. But all in all, it is no longer just about individual fates, but about a pandemic of global aberration.

The core areas of inner destruction also include human issues that outwardly have no visible connection with the Corona pandemic. I am thinking here above all of the issues of sex, love and partnership. The patriarchal systems have done so much harm in this area of life that hardly anyone has the courage to believe in love or to tell the truth about his or her own sexual longings. This is where the deepest wound lies, because almost everything around this issue has failed so far. Previous societies and revolutions were simply not up to this task. Behind everything was the omnipresent suffering of an unredeemed longing for sexuality, for love, and for home –  with all its consequences of jealousy, violence, abandonment and despair – a drama without end, an issue of all of humanity today.

These are all cultural, mental and psychosomatic backgrounds of an overall pathological structure on which the many pandemics are spreading today. This structure can hardly be overcome by vaccination. It may be that certain symptoms disappear, but the system of life from which the virus emerged will hardly change as a result. The Corona pandemic can only be overcome mentally, as soon as the first larger groups rise up and create a new basis for the healing of life. These groups will be united in absolute loyalty for one great goal. May they come together in worldwide cooperation.

The Corona wave has spread throughout humanity like a Fata Morgana. The Fata Morgana works as long as people believe in it. But as behind every mirage, there is another reality. As soon as people begin to see this other reality, the illusion is over for them.


We are not only citizens of a state or a specific culture, but we are also citizens of the living universe. Did we not all emerge from this other world? What power has brought us forth, who or what has shaped our organs and cells? Where does the power of sexuality come from? Who gave us the power for love and solidarity, for outrage and courage?

Obviously, we live in two different worlds: the world that we humans brought forth and the world that brought us forth. These two worlds must come together to heal the inner crevasse that runs through all of humanity.

If we no longer allow ourselves to be completely taken in by the mainstream ideologies of our time, if a chamber of our brain and heart is still kept free for the wonders of life and love, what do we see? Perhaps one must be able to see heaven in order to face hell without fear. God is nothing other than the deepest image of cosmic love.

There is a sacred force in the universe that shines down to the bottom of the sea where the puffer fish paints its perfect mandala (This incredible phenomenon can be seen in an internet film; also see the photo above, which shows a “mandala” on the seabed created by the Japanese puffer fish.)
It is a power without which no child could be born, no flower could blossom and no star could shine in the sky. It is the power that enables people to go to the limits of their own lives to help those whom no one else can help. It is the power that makes people resist injustice and violence even in the worst conditions. It is also the force that brings people and animals together when there is no longer any fear between them. We encounter this force all the time as soon as we have begun to notice it. I thank this force, because it has saved my life several times, it has also saved my and my partner’s lives on Gomera from a hopeless situation – and last but not least, it is the sacred force of love between the genders, from which all human beings have emerged. 

We feel that a transformation is now taking place that no one was prepared for. It is no longer about polarisation, but about a new form of thinking. We will no longer limit ourselves to the old measures of appeals, events and demonstrations, but we will create a new spiritual basis for life. The crucial thing that is now needed from us and from all humanity is the transition from the old matrix of destruction to the new matrix of healing. That is returning to the Source, and the reunification with the higher forces of that world order that is always directed towards unity, love and healing. We call it the “Sacred Matrix” or the “Cosmic Healing Field”.

What will happen now depends on the pulse of life that goes through people’s hearts and minds. If they continue to believe in the mirage, many more will have to die. When they stop believing this, the mental space becomes free for awakening and healing. For this possibility, the founders of the Tamera Peace School in Portugal have brought the idea of Healing Biotopes into being. What matters now is to anchor the world order of the Sacred Matrix on earth. We humans can do this because we carry its ethical imprint within us. If this succeeds in the first groups, then it can succeed everywhere, because all human beings are – however distorted – connected to this world order, otherwise they could not live at all.

Healing Biotopes are powerful fields of life whose frequencies match those of the cosmic healing field and thus enter into the special field of resonance. This creates a life energy that can be effective everywhere, because the cosmic healing field is everywhere. If only a fraction of those reading this text would enter into resonance with the cosmic healing field, we would have – as a result of the morphogenetic field formation – a healing effect for the whole of humanity.  Now it is no longer a question of solving thousands of individual problems, but of building strong coherent fields in which the many different tasks of life – from regenerative agriculture to truth in love – are combined into a unified field of information.

The spiritual body of humanity now needs new information. Information that is in harmony with the desire for life of all human beings and animals. If it was possible to spread the Covid-19 fear virus worldwide, then it is, in principle, also possible to spread a positive counterfield. We all have this capacity by nature, as true as we are human beings. Earth needs information that, like a new “healing virus”, captures the heart of humanity and creates the inner unity and togetherness on earth that is intended in the great blueprint of Creation. For a future worth living.

In the name of love for all creatures.