January 2022

Dear Friends!
“The human being is the eye of evolution,” wrote Aldous Huxley. What does this eye see, when it looks into the world today? It sees two very different things. It sees an ever-growing tidal wave of catastrophes, cruelties, powerlessness, and collapse. But beyond that it sees a different world, a different kind of human being, and the signature of creation, which is always oriented towards unity, compassion, and healing. It sees the struggle between these two worlds, each with their corresponding futures: downfall or resurrection. I am writing this text during Advent 2021, under the sign of resurrection.
The inferno of the world has long since reached Germany. Natural catastrophes, the suffering of refugees, love dramas, and now the Corona pandemic. We have witnessed the fear, and the situation of people who no longer see any way out. What is hiding behind this pandemic, which steals the breath from the people in their masks? And now the new escalations, and the decision that police should guard the entries of businesses and restaurants, checking all who enter. Truly, things are going in the direction of a generalized “surveillance state.” But I don’t want to stir up any paranoia, nor talk about the presumed political background. Because I believe that in reality we are approaching an entirely different kind of renewal: a renewed connection to the forces of life, which could yet prevail even after these long dark times. For this we need new “survival fields.” This means the comprehensive transformation of our material and spiritual foundations, in all domains of life (as I described in my books, “Terra Nova,” and, “The Sacred Matrix”). — First though I would like to speak about the overall world situation, from which the pandemic arose, and which continuously recreates it anew.

The Corona pandemic is not the result of a virus. The virus itself is the result of a comprehensive illness of our civilization. The destruction of natural living spaces, the industry-caused climate crisis, the militarization of the world through weapons trade and the arms industry, the barbaric treatment of animals, the epidemic misfortune in love, the dark places of domestic violence, etc… all this and much more generates a global psychosphere of fear, which has grotesquely demonized a minor infection, leading to this worldwide psychosis. When Rosa Luxemburg was once asked, “Shouldn’t we leave the (social democratic) party?,” she answered, “Shouldn’t we leave humanity entirely?”

The catastrophes caused by our society cannot be overcome with vaccination! This whole Corona situation is being used to distract us from much worse things being done, in the name of our industrial society, to people, nature, and all our fellow creatures. The things we human beings do, to one another and to our fellow creatures, always come back to us in the form of disease. If 60 million pigs annually breathe their fear into the air in the slaughterhouses of Germany, no peace can arise in the biosphere. If a government uses the toughest possible measures to fight against the virus, while at the same time kills thousands of people by exporting weapons to conflict areas, then it is directly a part of the same field from which the pandemic arose.

Corona is a wake-up call for humanity: Please wake up. There is another way to live… the one that you came to earth for. In the universe’s plan of creation, there is a very real concept of love and belonging for all beings; a concept of compassion, care, and healing. We call this the, “World Order of the Sacred Matrix.” With our help, this concept can spread powerfully… as powerfully as the current concepts of disease and contagion have spread. The concept of disease will dissolve, when enough healing life-fields (“Healing Biotopes”) have been established.

We are all part of a collective body of life, which has suffered the destruction caused by five thousand years of war and barbarism. What we experience today on Earth is the natural result of an historical dead-end, which today has come to the edge of explosion, as there is no way out to be found. Many people find themselves in an inner tension, which leads either to violence or to submission. They have lost their humane home, their love, and their belief.

How could a world-wide pandemic arise from a tiny virus? Theoretically, a public campaign of fear-propaganda could pump-up any flu virus, to the point that all of humanity dies off. Wherever fear arises, a high susceptibility to disease and contagion also arises. Wherever fear prevents the natural flows of physical and spiritual energies of the body, energetic blockages arise which lead to disease. As long as human contact is forbidden, and face masks limit the natural function of the organism, more and more disease-causing antigens will emerge on their own. What we are experiencing today as the Corona pandemic is an example, a classic case of a self-multiplying pandemic of fear, which can indeed lead to death, if the healing powers of life – the powers of contact, home, love, and compassion – are not let in.
Masks, social distancing, closing schools, etc., as measures against the virus? This is so extremely absurd that it takes an effort to overcome the offense, and remain with healing thoughts, which are always waiting if the channels are open. In truth, there is nothing better against contagions of all kinds, than loving contact among human beings, as well as between humans and animals… yes, also with animals and all fellow creatures. With living contact, all the life processes are working, which activate the self-healing powers of the organism. Where the human being is at home, where he or she lives in connection and friendship, every sickness is a healing process that helps the organism to activate its self-healing powers.

Whether a virus will have a positive or negative effect depends on the inner psychosomatic composition of the organism it enters. And it is above all dependent on the social milieu of the person. Contagion is not a mechanical process! The process by which a disease antigen is transmitted is not a material one, but a process of soul and geist. “The virus is nothing; the milieu is everything,” said the father of virology himself, Louis Pasteur.

Here we are dealing with knowledge which is fundamental to any informed physician, and intuitively known by many people. Why are well-known doctors, who express themselves thoughtfully but critically about the measures taken against Corona, attacked and persecuted? Why are their warnings excluded from the media so systematically? More and more people are noticing that something isn’t right here anymore. It really is unbelievable how official propaganda is being used in politics and the media to fight critical voices. They are called contrarians and conspiracy theorists, neo-Nazis and irresponsible idiots. In reality, they were and are among the best of our society: people with scientific knowledge or an intuitive intelligence, which now drives them to refuse the untested vaccines, because they know the dangers. They are certainly not wrong when they say that frequent, multiple vaccinations, will weaken the body’s own immune system, and the patient will be directed to accept more and more vaccinations. The letters of the Greek alphabet will not be enough to describe the chain-reaction of new mutations, which are to be expected given the current measures. If it goes on like this, humanity will be headed for a global catastrophe. But in the spheres of our higher consciousness, there is still a networked intelligence of human beings and cosmic forces of light, whose truth can no longer be suppressed, because they are ultimately determined to manifest a concrete utopia of healed life on our planet. They have their anchor-points on every continent.

The official public speakers of politics and medicine who spread the fear don’t seem to be liers. Why are they doing all this? Are they really taken in by the collective pressure to conform to this materialistic belief-system? Have they really been so blinded to the real life-processes deep within the living world? Are they unable, or unwilling, to acknowledge that the intended protection-measures kill more people around the world, than the virus itself? Are they no longer able to perceive how many crises have been caused by the compulsory measures they have imposed; how many destroyed lives; how many relationship struggles; how much domestic suffering; how many separations; how much ill-will in what once were circles of friendship, school groups, and sports clubs; how many suicides among the youth; what endless social suffering, especially in the Global South. The current protests are needed, so long as they take place without violence, but rather with ethical courage and the intention to bring information. Violence would be merely one more argument legitimizing the dark forces.

Human intelligence, which rebels against this whole madness for both scientific and ethical reasons, must now take charge. I call on all doctors, and caregivers, and all those like-minded friends who have the soul-knowledge to see through everything now happening: Have the courage to give public explanations, build networks for information. Support the initiatives already working. Help the many people who don’t know what to do anymore, because they are simply cut off from normal social life because of their choices. The many people who have submitted to the lockdown will not be able to take it for much longer. We can expect even larger protest movements, even getting close to civil war. If the new directives are maintained, Germany and Europe may be approaching a new level of social catastrophe.

To prevent this, we need to steer—humanely and non-violently—in a different direction, and to offer a deep explanation of what is really happening. This can only arise when vaccine opponents, aware of their responsibility, join into a public movement with persuasive arguments, bringing truth and light. I ask the parents, above all: Really consider whether you want to have your five-year-old child vaccinated. This is where the red line is finally crossed. No humane heart can see this and remain silent. Germany urgently needs a movement that can give all parents the power to prevent the vaccination of their children. With enough clarifying explanations, solidarity, and mutual encouragement, I believe this movement will arise. We pray that all enlightened doctors and parents, and all peaceworkers, support this movement wholeheartedly, using all the means of communication of our times. When all those who now, for ethical reasons, are swimming against the current, can come together with this shared goal and new direction, then a movement of human friendship will arise. It will have an inner power, too great to be broken by any virus or government authority.

It truly is about a system-change for human society, a transformation which will liberate us from old dependencies, and give us the strength to build a different life. We can no longer tolerate the cruelties and violence happening on Earth. It could be that, for a while, we go around with masks, so as not to give our energies to unnecessary conflicts. Maybe some of us will get vaccinated for this reason. It is not about ideological dogmas nor about fighting. Rather, it is about building up life forces in ourselves and in others, that we can use for a new society. These powers are, above all, the powers of truth, trust, care, mutual support, and solidarity with all the creatures of creation. Wherever the first groups recognize one another in this point, a transformation arises which has an effect far beyond anyone group. A new FIELD arises!

Field powers far exceed individual powers. They steer the thinking and behavior of whole populations, in the realm of the human being and among animals as well. Whether someone believes in Marx or in God; or in the case of a pandemic if they believe in contagion or not; whether they use the great energies of life to build bombs or for the healing of all life; all this is a question of the collective field. For the communities of the future, it is a question of decisive significance, which fields they build. The time has now come, for the first groups on Earth step out of the fields of consumerism and complicity, from the destruction of nature and the murder of animals; and also out of the old fields of love and sexuality, of competition and jealousy. They will instead bring forth a new field, where the rules of coexistence among human beings, nature, and all creatures of creation are in harmony with the rules of the sacred alliance of all life. An individual will not be able to make this system change within his or her life. But as soon as the first groups have created this field for a new order of life, it nearly happens by itself, because the forces of the divine world are at work. And these forces are a gift, carried silently within all our hearts.

In the name of love for all creatures.