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Science of Transformation


«The world is full of terrible things. It is my task in life to help to overcome them and to provide help wherever possible. In spite of all difficulties, I had to continue to paint during my life, in order to express the beauty that I saw. I especially mean the beauty of nature and the beauty of love. Even when I tried to paint in an ugly way, I remained connected to beauty. It was always a form of celebration.»

What does art mean today, after all the different developments of the 20th century?
What meaning does it have in the world and for our lives?

Is there an architect who has created me?
Who is speaking, when I am speaking?
Who is thinking, when I am thinking?
Who is painting, when I am painting?
Were we ever in awe about the miracle of our own existence?
Or about the miracle that occurs when a blade of grass grows through a layer of concrete?

Since the beginning of the industrial-technical world, art and philosophy have been driven into oblivion and have been replaced by international multinational corporations, weapons arsenals, space programs, mass media and advertising. Now, we find ourselves at the beginning of something new. Slowly but surely we are moving toward new patterns of life.

We are dealing with the emergence of a new concept in art. In it we see a spectrum of the artistic work by Dieter Duhm. It is the documentation of “working” with the topics of Creation, art and sensual love. The unity of these topics is not immediately defined, for what is here seeking to be integrated into life comes from a realm of perception where definitions cease to operate. And yet it wants to be brought into consciousness: art as a special kind of activity, which reconnects the human being with Creation, with the forces of the GREAT ATELIER. This activity is described in various texts by Dieter Duhm, for example also as NOT DOING, the principle of WU-WEI. For the forces of Creation also operate without our DOING.

Art as the design of a life that is being dreamed, as a new state of being among people, as a medium of liberation, celebration and gratitude.

A special kind of humor and joy of life arises when a group of people makes art together. We keep experiencing this during the art courses that Dieter Duhm has facilitated since 1984. When “IT” occurs, then this is a very special healing experience for all those involved. What is happening there, and why does it occur? These courses are  an introduction into a different state of being and a different way of feeling.

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Ed.: Madjana Geusen