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Dieter Duhm turns 80 on September 19, 2022

Dieter Duhm celebrates his 80th birthday on September 19 2022. Words by his publisher Monika Berghoff about his life and work Dieter Duhm was born in Berlin in 1942 in the middle of World War II. He experienced violence first hand, in Berlin during the nights of...

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Stop the Madness! There Is a Different World

Download this article as PDF For as long as people massacre animals, they will kill each other.~ Bernard ShawThere can be no peace in the world as long as there is war in love.~ Dieter Duhm A Russian bomb falls on a school in Ukraine. The bomb explodes, the school...

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Where Is the Way Out?

Download PDF There can be no peace in the world,as long as there is war in love.   I have hesitated for a long time to publish this text. It does not deal with the geopolitical and strategic background of the current war in Ukraine, but with the topic of war in...

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Un manifiesto escrito en mayo de 2005 Volvemos a publicar este artículo en marzo de 2022, ya que la guerra en Ucrania continúa. ¡Que los siguientes pensamientos sirvan para acabar con todas las guerras! Este artículo está traducido a los siguientes idiomas ruso,...

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CORONA – A Wake-up Call For Humanity

January 2022 Dear Friends!“The human being is the eye of evolution,” wrote Aldous Huxley. What does this eye see, when it looks into the world today? It sees two very different things. It sees an ever-growing tidal wave of catastrophes, cruelties, powerlessness, and...

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Overcoming Fascism

We are living in times of change. Latent fascism is present everywhere. It is not effective to fight fascism with ideology; this cannot change much.

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