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Overcoming Fascism

We are living in times of change. Latent fascism is present everywhere. It is not effective to fight fascism with ideology; this cannot change much.

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The Healing Biotopes Plan

The “Healing Biotopes Plan” is a global peace strategy developed, both in theory and practice, over nearly 40 years by Dr. Dieter Duhm, Sabine Lichtenfels and others, with the aim of bringing about a worldwide process of healing on Earth – a future without war.

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Terra Nova: A Movement for A Free Earth

Let us create places where the sacred power of oneness is celebrated by the living cooperation of people, of nature, and of all fellow creatures. It is the power of absolute trust and the power of all connecting love, in defiance of the rising forces of global destruction.

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The Deschooling Dialogues

This interview is the first in a 17-part series and forthcoming book entitled «The Deschooling Dialogues» edited by Alnoor Ladha, activist and Executive Director of The Rules, a global collective of activists focused on addressing the root causes of inequality, poverty and climate change.

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Defend the Sacred

We live simultaneously in two realities: in the reality of global war, and in another reality, which we call the Sacred Matrix. The Sacred Matrix contains the holy and the healing powers of life. There is neither fear nor hostility. Transformation is what we call the transition from one reality to another.

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Project Declaration I

There are hardly any positive perspectives on a global scale any more. The aim of the Healing Biotopes Project is to establish a convincing perspective.

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