And They Knew Each Other: The End of Sexual Violence

This book is the essence of the authors’ life experience and more than 40 years of work on establishing a new human and social foundation for a future culture of peace. It contains maybe the deepest insights which can be given today about love, sexuality and partnership.

Published in English early 2019

Translated from the German by Sten Linnander and Stephen Davis


Terra Nova: Global Revolution and the Healing of Love

Terra Nova is the essence of over forty years of work on the question of whether humanity and the Earth can be healed. It shows how a morphogenetic field of peace is organized from within, and to what forces it could connect in order to oppose the global forces of violence and so make possible a future without war.

Published in 2015

Translated from the German by Martin Winiecki and Dara Silverman, edited by Juliette Baigler

The Sacred Matrix: From the Matrix of Violence to the Matrix of Life

A book that offers answers to many basic questions of our existence, our origins and history, our society, and our personal situations. It deals with how evil came into the world, the basic trauma in history, the source of our alienation, the roots of sexual fear, the possibilities of healing, our existence beyond birth and death, the possibilities of creating a future without fear and violence…

Translated from the German by Sten Linnander and Kate Bunney


Future Without War: Theory of Global Healing

The book outlines a global peace strategy which is based on the idea of modern natural science that the building component of mater is not the atom, instead it is energy, frequency, information. Earth with its atmosphere and magnetic field, with its waters and landscapes, its creatures, biotopes and human societies is an integral, oscillating and living body that can be healed, just as a human body can be healed if the appropriate medicine, i.e. the appropriate information is administered.

Translated from the German by Frieda Radford.


Eros Unredeemed: The World Power of Sexuality

“I have written this book because it was inevitable. The issue of sexual love had to be seen and dealt with from a different perspective. It is the issue of our time, although the proclaimed slogans may sound different. It is said that the sexual revolution is a thing of the past, but from within, it hasn’t really started yet. Today more people suffer or become ill as a result of an unresolved longing for sex and love than from environmental pollution.”



Towards a New Culture: From Refusal to Re-Creation

The book was written for young revolutionaries: powerful, true, direct and radical. A book for those who want to know how they can give continuity to the fleeting experiences of freedom and community life during their protests. With sacred rage about the existing conditions, the author describes the technological, ecological, spiritual and human conditions for a new start for society.

Translated from the German by Sten Linnander.