Is it still possible to free the Earth from the immeasurable violence? – I push all illusion aside and answer, yes. That possibility exists, if we want and do it with all the powers available to us.
Dieter Duhm

The “Healing Biotopes Plan”

… is a global peace strategy developed in more than 40 years of work in both theory and practice by the author and psychoanalyst Dr. Dieter Duhm, together with Sabine Lichtenfels founder of the Peace Research Center Tamera, with the aim of bringing about a worldwide process of healing on Earth – a future without war.

The plan is based on the vision of a human existence free of fear and violence, of ending the war between the genders, of free love and free sexuality, of 
cooperating with nature and all its beings, of freely supplying all living beings with enough food, clean water, and energy.

Dieter Duhm’s “Political Theory” describes in scientific terms why and how this vision can be realized within a relatively short time. Only a few special centers worldwide, “Healing Biotopes”, embedded in a global movement and network of support, can replace the existing information field of fear and violence with a new, globally effective information field of trust and cooperation. ,

Eros and Healing

There cannot be peace on Earth as long as there is war in love.

Theory of Global Healing

Behind the epidemic of merciless violence hides the experience of a pain which can no longer be dealt with in conventional ways. Yet it can be healed.

Realizing Utopia

The world will change for the better if we show that this is possible.



Corona and the Change of Eras

Corona and the Change of Eras

The time of capitalism is over. Now lay the foundations for a future worth living and for the infinite joy of life for all beings that inhabit your planet…

Evolution is Love

Evolution is Love

Both, man and woman, dream of love. Both have an ideal image of partnership, the one and only. This is the romantic high image of love. This is what I want to support. Read also the article “Free Sexuality and Partnership”.

In imperialist societies people hardly had a chance to develop their sexual powers of love freely, for the patriarchal world could only function by suppressing and controlling these forces. Whoever controls sexuality controls the entire human being.

Dieter Duhm









…for a future without war.

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