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Science of Transformation

Theory of Global Healing

Our times are characterized by an epochal change: We are leaving the materialistic age and entering the age of energy, frequency and information. We know now that the basic component of our material world is not the atom, but energy and information. Earth, with its atmosphere and magnetic field, with its waters and landscapes, its creatures, biotopes and all beings is an integral, oscillating and living body in the frequency field of this universe, that can be healed, just as a human body can be healed if the appropriate medicine, i.e. the appropriate information is administered.

The healing information is most needed at the points where new wars are created every day: in the daily interactions of human beings. Far-reaching change is necessary in this area. Words and appeals alone are not enough. The peace-information we are searching for concerns the core aspects of our lives: religion, community, partnership, love and sexuality. This is why it cannot be developed at a desk, but emerges from a life praxis which can be developed in special research centers, “Healing Biotopes” or “Peace Research Villages”.

A first such center was founded in Portugal in 1995, where today around 170 co-workers are building a world model for peace. Groups in other countries have started planning similar centers.

The Global Theory is the result of 40 years of research. It explains why a small number of such “acupuncture points for peace” worldwide would be sufficient to introduce a global change of direction towards peace.

“The success of such peace projects will be determined not by how big and strong they are compared to the existing apparatus of violence, but by how comprehensive and complex they are: how many elements of life they combine and unite in a positive way. When establishing new fields in evolution, it is not the “survival of the fittest”, but the “success of the more comprehensive”. Otherwise, no new developments would have been able to establish themselves, as they all began small and inconspicuous”.
(From Dieter Duhm: Future without War)

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