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Science of Transformation

Eros and Healing

The love between man and woman is one of the most beautiful things that one can experience on our Earth. Nobody who is in this state of love can imagine that it will ever be over. Nevertheless, almost all love relations fail. Human society has a collective heartache. For most people, the area in which they could have the most beautiful experiences is an area of deep disappointment, deep suffering, deep anger and often ultimate resignation.

The issue of love is a global issue. “There cannot be peace in the world as long as there is war in love.” What is meant here is the daily “little war” between the sexes – with its terrible consequences for the children. The inner connection between unfulfilled love on the one hand and disease or merciless brutality on the other can today be seen in every orphanage and in every biography of violent youngsters. We find it in the life story of all dictators (see the works of Alice Miller), and we also find it in psychosomatic diseases if we know how to interpret the symptoms correctly. One of The Beatles’ deepest songs was: “All you need is love.”

Humankind needs fulfillment in love in order to resurrect.

What kind of love is meant here?

Every love. Sensual love, soul love, religious love, loving your neighbor, loving animals, partner love. The central aspect is the reconnection of the two halves of the human being: man and woman. At the core of human cohabitation is the cohabitation between the genders. Their attraction or repulsion, their sexual signals and their interactions, and their hopes and disappointments run like a secret nervous system through the whole of human society, through every office, every department store, every meeting, and every group. The two halves of the human being long for each other, yet they fail to meet each other, they fight each other and search for each other until they find each other. They must find each other, not only in twos, but worldwide, for only then can the deepest of all wounds be healed.
The happiness or misery of children – and thus the happiness of all people, for we were all once children – depends above all on a harmonious connection between man and woman. After thousands of years of suppression and denial during the patriarchal era, the healing of love between the genders is probably the most revolutionary step in the current healing work. A new, humane culture is rooted in a new relation between the genders.

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