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Science of Transformation

Realizing Utopia

We live in a time of global transformation. Evolution is taking a new direction. The power no longer lies with the forces of imperialistic globalisation, but with those groups who are now connecting with the forces of transformation. It is not terror and violence, but trust and solidarity which will lead the new world. This is not just a wishful dream, but the objective reality of the coming epoch. This epochal change is triggered through cosmic events as well as through the initiatives of a few groups on Earth who are working on laying the global foundations for a future without war.

Human life will be re-embedded in the higher orders of universal life, which we call the “sacred matrix”. New social, technological and mental-spiritual structures are developing in which real trust, the basis of all life, can grow. Trust between man and woman, trust between parents and children, trust between peoples, trust between humans, animals and all co-creatures. The reconnection of the human world with the universal world of the sacred matrix is happening in the new centers which are arising on all continents: we call them “Healing Biotopes”. A first such center is Tamera in Southern Portugal, founded by Dieter Duhm and Sabine Lichtenfels. Healing Biotopes are real-life models for a planetary existence free of fear and violence. As a result of their compatibility with the laws of life they develop a high power of global (morphogenetic) field-building. The Healing Biotopes are centers of a new global movement, from which a growing planetary community is emerging surprisingly quickly. Pilgrims from every continent are traveling to find places of study and work to build a new Earth.

The «Project Declaration» describes how this process takes place and which vision of a new humanity is seen in it:

  • Basics of new communities.
  • Non-violent communication with nature and all co-creatures.
  • Water landscape and permaculture.
  • Solar Village: A new energy model.
  • School of Thought and new picture of the world.
  • Art and worship.
  • The spiritual anchor.

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