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A View into the World
Horrendous things are happening in the world. I know the imperialist war which has been going on for thousands of years. I am aware of the suffering of the refugees and the atrocities perpetrated by terrorist organizations like “Islamic State”, “Boko Haram” and many others. Above all I am aware of the actions of terrorism performed by international companies and the way these are kept secret by governments. I know about international child pornography and what is going on in the global trafficking of women. I also know about the cruelty towards animals that takes place around the world. A large part of the global population is living in an apocalyptic state. We can cry when a somebody dear to us dies but we cannot cry any more when we learn through the media that whole populations of people and animals are made extinct. The global atrocities have reached a point that we can no longer react to.

Meadows in Bloom
In these circumstances the question as to whether, beyond all of this, there is a humane subject might sound cynical. And yet there is – alongside all of these disasters – the existence of the holy, the reality of the cosmic field of healing, the wonder of life, meadows in bloom, loving people and many helping hands.
There definitely exists, behind all the violence enacted by humans, another human being and another creation. If the divine creation encompasses more than one blueprint, then at least one of them consists of the foundations of love and joy. That is not an illusion but an experience; a completely objective perception. In its centre the whole world is focused on unity, joy and love. Life (undisturbed) is the eternal reality and the presence of a single great family. The structures of reality contain this true message, a promise of joy and love – not somewhere beyond in the afterlife but right now. This is the world order of the sacred matrix. Against this background we can perhaps understand the words of Dhyani Ywahoo´s grandfather, an elder in the Cherokee tribe. Although he knew what had been done to the native Americans he told his granddaughter: “ It is your spiritual duty to be happy”.

The «Other Reality»
A moment of this experience opens a door through which we can look into the truth and presence of the “other reality”, into the reality of a divine world, the reality of a lively joy and pleasure, the reality of an absolutely concrete utopia, for a way of living which has been and is always latent.
The great message delivered by Jesus and other saints, the message of charity and healing is a message from the cosmic world. What we understood to be the subjective annunciation of a single messiah contains an ontological truth of the world. The appearance of the Holy is purest objectivity – only the psychological dispositions of the people who do or do not receive them are subjective.

A New Movement
These are the powers of love and healing which begin to take effect in and around us in the instant that we recognize them. The whole Healing Biotope plan, which we have been working on for 20 years, can be oriented to realizing this message, to accept this gift and to pass it on.
THIS is the task Terra Nova’s institutions, meetings, media and networks. It is also the continuation and consolidation of the “Defend the Sacred” movement, which was brought to life by the Dakota Indians in Standing Rock when they gathered against the planned oil-pipelines. This is the message which comes back to us now, after we have been searching, discussing and working for a long time, often with near desperate concern.
A small change in the way we look at things, a small experience of love, a small change in the frequency of the heart – and we are able to discover God´s plan of the world. Then people will start to speak because this is where the original message is – for which our hearts and our organs of speech were made. “Those whose heart is full, have mouths that want to speak.”

The Return
Now I would like to include some sentences which were said by Sabine Lichtenfels in her vision of the future from trances in 2008:
The crucial incident, which can even now initiate a new future, is the return to a certainty of God. …It is an absolute certainty and joy of existence, which awakens suddenly and motivates us to renewing action. In many groups of people you can see a joy just like in the film, “Animals are Beautiful People” in which at first the people cannot really believe that the rain suddenly begins falling. Then they start cheering. Suddenly it is easy. … It happened when the situation had already taken an apocalyptic turn. What for some seemed to be the great downfall … emerged as the secret of healing and renewal for those spiritual beings who could perceive and recognize. It was a quantum leap in their consciousness; a change in the dimension of their thinking and realizing things.”

We discover the real gospel of the world, which had been disguised for a long time by the horrible deceptions and estrangements of history, deeply ingrained in our hearts and cells. We discover the immanent essence of all life which will now enter into the life of the earth so that what is predestined in the great plan will come true.

The Goal of our Journey
I want to come back to my question: Is there a humane subject in the universe? Who or what sings when the blackbird sings? Who is the conductor of the song of the crickets´choir in which, when slowed down 80 times, we can hear a clear melody, a hymn that seems to praise God? Who led the movements of the small fish that draws a precise mandala on ocean floor? Who helps the bullfrog to build a canal from his drying pond to the next body of water in order to save its tadpoles? It seems as if there is a higher and very sympathetic omnipotence working through all life and directing everything. We could call it “God” but this god is not a subject above all creatures; he or she is immanent. He or she belongs to all creatures’ inner equipment and directs their actions, if they are open to this guidance. God is not a figure but the highest power and the highest consciousness which is inherent in all life.

Amongst all creatures it is human beings who have departed the furthest from divine guidance. This results in the worldwide disasters. Healing can be found in the reunion of the human community with the stream of consciousness that connects all life. The humane subject can have a full impact when people have taken this step.

On one of our signboards you can read:
The world which we create
and the world which created us
have to come together.
This is the goal of the journey.