An Appeal by Dieter Duhm
and the core team of Tamera

Enough! Humanity has been directed by violent systems for too long. There has been too much torture and killing, lying and suffering. This madness has to stop!

At Tamera, this imperative has driven us to build the foundations of a post-capitalist society, unified by a common aim – a future worth the name.

This future already exists. Beyond all barbarism, another dimension of life, love, peace and healing persists, and all humans carry within themselves an ethical imprint of this “Sacred Matrix”. Within it, there is a power greater than all violence. It is the power that creates friendship where there was animosity. When a global movement channels that power, there will be no losers.

This power is inviolable and indestructible, reaching way beyond all human tragedy. It lives in the heart of all things; the living god in us all – the sacred – which existed at the beginning of all cultures. Hence let us Defend the Sacred, honouring and protecting it across the Earth, in all communities, amongst all peoples and on all continents, as the foundation of the future civilisation.

Let us create places where the sacred power of oneness is celebrated by the living cooperation of people, of nature, and of all fellow creatures. It is the power of absolute trust and the power of all connecting love, in defiance of the rising forces of global destruction. Let us create astonishing, technologically innovative and visionary communities which activate this power worldwide. And let us create networks which pick up and spread this power.

This connection with the core power of all life bids us attend to all human beings and all living creatures who need our help; we remember all those children without a home, refugees without a future, freedom fighters in the torture chambers of despots, animals in meat factories and medical laboratories. We refuse to be loyal to a society which feeds off such atrocities, and so we leave the madness of normality by establishing a profound alternative.

In many places worldwide our allies are working for peace, often through times of crisis and under mortal threat. Examples we know closely include the peace community of San José de Apartadó (Colombia), the Favela da Paz of São Paulo (Brazil), the indigenous movement centred on Standing Rock (USA) and the Bishnoi (India), but there are many, many more. In addition, numerous secular and religious aid organisations (not the commercial ones) are helping redeem the world from violence using the power of love. These powerful approaches attempt to reach the goal of a non-violent world with all the means at their disposal. May they succeed, and may all peace movements come together in the common goal of becoming one with the global heart of mankind and the Earth – a “Movement of Movements” with a common perspective grounded in globalism, trust and cooperation.

In this spirit, the Global Healing Biotopes project was launched to support and deepen these worldwide initiatives, which could arise in all countries as we work to rise out of thousands of years of human trauma, and dissolve the obstacles which have separated us from the sacred for centuries.

In many people this trauma has destroyed love, belief and hope. It is a demon that shows itself not only in outer violence, but also within our human relationships, including our love relationships and our social groups. The peace movement will only achieve its global aims when we free ourselves from this demon, aligning all areas of our life – our social, ecological and ethical structures – with the Sacred Matrix, and creating effective networks based in this.
Global transformation begins in the inner life of the human being. We know the switches that turn love into violence, and the other switches that can turn hate into love. We cannot truly believe in peace if it is not present inside ourselves. So we must cleanse our human underground, the unrecognised ‘dungeons of our deep’, and say goodbye to our secret conflicts and compromises. Only then will we free our spirits from all foreign occupation and allow our life forces – our emotions, sexuality, ethics, intellect and spirituality – to express their true healing power.

For example, by accepting and sanctifying our sexual nature we can defuse all forms of sexual violence. And by integrating the animal within ourselves we gain new relationships of trust with the animal kingdom. Healthy coexistence with all beings depends not on our ability to make business, but our ability for compassion and cooperation. Compassion and cooperation. These are not only words, but core elements of the building plan of Creation.

And today we stand at the beginning of this worldwide transformation, as millions of contemporaries work to carry out the inner transformation from war to peace, and thus discover new ways of living.

The Global Healing Biotopes project is doing what this new perspective demands: building decentralised, autonomous systems for energy, water and food, independent from the big corporations that exploit the Earth and destroy nature.
Here at Tamera – Healing Biotope 1 – our way of life demonstrates that when we follow the logic of nature instead of the laws of capitalism, such essential resources can again be freely available for all of humanity. For example, solar kitchens and other energy systems could easily be created everywhere, with only modest means. And we recognise that water is as fundamental to nature as love is to the human being, opening the door to the healing of both. By developing and relying on such new life systems – reunifying the sacred and the scientific – we offer help to all human beings and all fellow creatures. And this help is so desperately, urgently needed.

So we call on everybody to use your power in support of the emerging movement for a humane Earth and the initiative of the Healing Biotopes. Use whichever power you have, whether prayer or your position in society; whether through finances, publishing or politically! In whatever way, invest your power into this powerful counter movement, as we spread the information of new possibilities for life on this beautiful planet.

As the new age dawns, the necessary people and powers appear for this momentous transformation. You are among them; among the hundreds of millions of people searching for new ways of life towards which to direct their power. And the prize is great. Should we succeed in this endeavour, our grandchildren and great grandchildren will only know war through the history books.

We thank all global co-workers
In the name of the planetary community,
In the name of all children,
In the name of love for all creation.

Translated from the German by Helge Purtscheller and Rex Brangwyn, edited by Shaun Chamberlin.