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For as long as people massacre animals, they will kill each other.
~ Bernard Shaw
There can be no peace in the world as long as there is war in love.
~ Dieter Duhm

A Russian bomb falls on a school in Ukraine. The bomb explodes, the school burns and collapses. Sixty people, among them many children, are burnt alive or crushed under the rubble. This is a small, quite “normal” scene in what is called “war.” Anyone, who for just a few seconds assimilates such news, feels a pain in their soul that has no name. How long must this go on?
This merciless war in Ukraine, which now has returned to Europe, has been happening for millennia in various forms on all continents. All political or religious empires have arisen through war and all nations and states were built with blood. This is the legacy we have inherited and that we all, more or less, carry in the basements of our souls. That is the reason why hardly anyone can believe in the healing of humanity.
For millennia we have been living on a false mental-spiritual foundation, which—viewed from a sufficient distance—has long made no sense. And yet the highly civilized nations of our time believe that wars can only be ended through armed force and that the alleged enemy can only be conquered through military superiority and ever more deliveries of weapons. If there has ever been something like a system change on earth, it has not yet taken place in military thinking. It is as if entirely different means and powers for peace did not exist in the Universe!
Above all political and state arguments, there is reverence for life with the central message: “Thou shalt not kill!” That is as true today as it was in the past. The idea that one could establish peace by killing one’s alleged enemy goes against all rules of sacred life. The fact that the leading politicians in the 21st century still believe in it is almost unbelievable proof of the historic stagnation and the moral aberration in political thinking. They represent a world that has lost the connection to the divine source, from which we all came.
To achieve peace, we need the higher powers of manifestation of the spiritual world and the powers of a humanity that has been written into the innermost core of all people in all cultures. Every opponent can become your friend if you meet him without fear, judgment and violence. There are so many friendships that could have been established in this way between the brothers from Russia and Ukraine!
We will not achieve peace through separation and killings, but through the higher field of reality of a fundamentally shared identity. The higher power does not lie in superior force, but in the superior renunciation of violence. Does the valiant Selensky and his Western friends seriously believe that they can conquer Russia militarily? This would mean nothing but a continuation of grief and death without end, until Ukraine no longer exists.
To create peace on our planet we need entirely new guiding principles for our own lives and for the cohabitation with all our fellow creatures. The epochal change facing us now is especially a change in thinking and a change in love, so the forces that in the future can prevent war can arrive on earth. These are real forces that belong to the blueprint of Creation and to the true nature of human beings. They simply could not be perceived by most people, because humanity was steamrolled by the unspeakably cruel methods of the historic (patriarchal and imperialist) powers. The half of human beings that connects them naturally with the divine world was thereby lost. It is only half human beings who today sit in governments and organize terrible things in the East as well as in the West. (Here, I am not dealing with the extent to which this entire spectacle is orchestrated or supported by the dark forces in finance and in the arms industry.)
The era of materialism, imperialism and capitalism is rapidly approaching its end. It no longer makes sense to ignore the higher truths, just because they have been so terribly distorted and abused by the great world religions and their imperial powers. Here, it does not matter if we speak of God or of the laws of life, or whether we are religious or atheistic. What does matter is the definitive realization that, next to and over our traditional world, there is an entirely different world. What human beings do to each other is as unimaginably terrible as the blessings of love and healing are for those who have accepted the higher principle of sacred life.
What would be the new foundation of a humane and intelligent culture? What forces would be available to us to build a new future of true peace on our planet?
The blueprint of Creation includes a universal world order of life, which always and everywhere is directed toward union, love and healing. I have described it in my book “The Sacred Matrix.” This program of an upright, whole world is built into every cell of the human being, in his/her brain, heart and ethics. In spite of all empirical cruelty, the human being is an ethical being, for the sacred matrix has left an ethical imprint in every person, no matter how terrible their actions may be.
All human beings are connected to the universal order through the sacred matrix and are therefore able to connect with a corresponding ethical order of life—and everyone will do so when the old evil spell is broken in the first places on earth and the principle of the sacred matrix has manifested in reality. We call such manifestations “Healing Biotopes.”
I know how strange all this sounds in such a terrible time as today, when almost the entire earth is at war, either in a visible material war as in Ukraine or in a secret, usually invisible war in human relations, all the way to the most intimate love relationships. What is happening here in terms of desperation and violence and how children suffer from it is terrible. More people die each year of broken love relationships than of all other causes. Today, humanity is experiencing a pandemic of spiritual impoverishment. Someone on earth commits suicide every 40 seconds, and in Germany someone does so almost every 30 minutes. How can I say we can still have a truly peaceful world on Earth?
Because the world is different than we think. I would like to illustrate this with an analogy. I take a dry, cold piece of wood and suddenly a miracle happens: As soon as this piece of wood is in contact with enough heat, it begins to burn! This dry and cold wooden matter transforms into light and fire. There is obviously a power in the wood that one cannot see on the exterior of the piece. This is an example of the possibility to transmute, which is inherent in all things, for behind the outer appearance there is a different world and a different reality.
The same is true for people: Behind their outer appearance and their self-identification there are different human beings and a different reality. We live fundamentally in two different worlds: a factual world and a potential one. The factual world is the empirical one, which surrounds us daily; the potential world is the higher world with its unlimited possibilities, its special force fields and its metaphysical (spiritual) information connections. Here, in this higher field of reality, we find the healing powers that we today need for the development and future of our children and of all fellow creatures.
We are at the beginning of a fundamental epochal change, for by increasingly destroying life and nature, the human being destroys his/her own basic needs in life. We will have no other choice than to switch into the higher potential world. In this process, the old large systems will dissolve, for a healthy life will only be able to unfold within decentralized life forms. The coming problems of energy, water and hunger will not be able to be solved in any other way. (The new government coalition in Germany is also secretly aware of this.)
The transformation to new decentralized and autonomous life forms is associated with a mental-spiritual development which cannot remain on the materialistic level, for the new forms of cooperation with nature and human cohabitation will almost automatically lead to a new mental-spiritual orientation. We will understand that—together with all visible and invisible fellow creatures, animals, plants and waters—we are a part of a large family of life that exists on a living Gaia-Earth. The human being will discover a new image of him/herself in the sacred alliance of life. The old ego “I” will transform into a social and ultimately global “I.” The “I” of the world operates in the global “I”. In our morning prayers we call it the “God point,” with which we are all connected, either consciously or subconsciously. Behind all differences there is a common core, and behind all atrocities there is a suppressed longing for love and home. Behind all differences and all atrocities, there is a world in which no person ever thinks of killing anyone, where soldiers put down their rifles and where no power in the world is driven by the madness to build and drop bombs.
This other world exists as surely as there is a starry sky above us, and many people know this. It is no longer a question of belief, but of knowledge. Behind every murderer there is a potential Christ figure who, like everybody else, is connected to the Sacred Matrix. Behind every enemy there is a potential friend, provided we meet him/her without judgment and fear. Claudio Miranda, an incorruptible peace activist in a favela (slum) in São Paulo, has described extraordinary things about how the peace activism of a few people expanded to become a large community and is respected by the police. On her pilgrimages to Palestine and Colombia, Sabine Lichtenfels experienced the same thing in her meetings with soldiers and paramilitary forces. These reports all deal with facts that I have gotten to know so thoroughly in a similar way through experiences of my own that I once and for all know that behind every human façade, there is a being of an entirely different nature and with entirely different possibilities. We all carry the inherited burden of a terrible history of war in the hidden basements of our souls. For a healed life, we all need a new foundation that opens the door for us to the higher forces in the world and for a joyful evolution of our inner lives.
What foundation is that?
Initially it is a strange thought that is so fundamental that it changes everything: We humans exist in reality, but we have not created ourselves. Think about it: We have not ourselves created our organs, our bodies, the sexual powers, love, and the ability to think, speak and communicate with others – everything that fills us with life—we have not created ourselves. Even our “I” does not appear to stem from ourselves. Herein lies a secret of our existence, the real metaphysics of all life, the intangible that is always present. We sometimes feel it when we look into the mirror. It is a strange feeling.
But if we haven’t created ourselves, then who has? There must be a power in the Universe that has brought us forth, as it has everything else. We cannot define or locate this power; it seems to exist everywhere. But we can experience it in special moments. Suddenly we notice it is there through the presence of a kind of sensual spirituality and that we are totally connected with it. We remember so-called miracle healings, near-death experiences or hopeless situations in which we were saved in a strange way. We encounter a primal force field of life, which has brought us all forth and to which we will all return. In this field there is no hatred, no enmity and no war.
At some point this power becomes a factor in our lives; we recognize our origin in this power, and we discover how it works and how it changes our identity, our sense of self and our abilities. We notice that what we used to call “God” is a powerful reality that exists within us and brings forth a surprising power in us when our consciousness touches this point. Again, we call this the “God point.” The underlying experiences are not religious reveries, but empirical facts. Some people thereby suddenly discover their ability to love or their ability to heal. They discover new possibilities to help themselves and others, and they discover their connection with living nature and all fellow beings. They truly discover this universal power of life, of belonging and love, and they discover this power not in a foreign God, but on the inside of life that all beings belong to. Giordano Bruno said: “Nature is none other than God in things.”
When one discovers this, one’s own identity transforms from an isolated “I” to a networked agent in a powerful world of freedom and power. “God’s nature is power,” wrote K.O. Schmidt. And elsewhere he writes: “God is love.”
It is through the connection of the divine with love, through the connection of religion with Eros, and the corresponding sanctification of sexuality that the spell that has suppressed and paralyzed humanity in crucial areas throughout the millennia is broken. Sexuality without fear and violence, love without lies, and religion without hypocrisy are some of the foundations of a humane world.
Here lie the topics of the coming transformation, which is already hesitantly occurring for many people. Here lie the outlines of a new foundation. It is a field of life, in which the inhabitants’ everyday life is organically connected with their own inner God nature. It is a different field of reality than that of war. It is a life full of Eros and joy of life, without fear of loss and jealousy, without inner wars and fights, without weapons and violence. This world is not a pipe dream, but an “objective vision,” based on experience. It contains the entire potential of the coming world. Here lies the future of the human being.
The industrialized nations find themselves in a hopeless situation because of the global war situation, because their supply chains and their diplomatic relationships no longer function. As a result, more and more people will decide to disengage from the old systems and establish their own survival villages with self-sufficiency of water, energy and food. These new life fields will function as long as they are connected with the social ethics of true socialism. Among other things, it is a new ethics in the area of love and sexuality. Here, in the area of unfulfilled longings, the first groups must free themselves entirely from hypocrisy and deception, for here we find the deepest reasons for the misery in human relationships up to now. And here we find the deepest reasons for the collective tendency to evade this misery through violence. The number of domestic acts of violence between married couples is so appalling that I call it “relationship criminality.” It is certainly much higher than the so-called political or terrorist acts of violence. Here, the pioneers of a new era have a historical task that has never before existed in this conscious form. There can be no peace on earth as long as there is war in love. “Make love, not war.”
It is not the old powers, the political parties and the governments of the world that will change the world, but groups and networks of people who have connected with the path of the Sacred Matrix. This gives rise to a third power, in addition to the warring powers of NATO and Russia. It does not exist in any political agenda, but it exists in the hearts of all people. It does not manufacture weapons, for it is built on something stronger that has always existed in the blueprint of Creation: force fields of trust, love and the solidarity between all beings.
Peace villages and Healing Biotopes are the agents of a coming human society without murder and homicide. They form a kind of post-modern tribal culture, in which the original human home of children and adults is reconnected with its divine source, with nature and with all fellow beings. But they are no longer the tribes of the past, for evolution has brought forth new things, for example technology. The new tribes—the self-sufficient centers and the autonomous regions—are connected with each other with new, emerging technical and spiritual communication technologies. They approach the forgotten sources of all life in a new spirit of mental-spiritual adventure, of the zest for research, of excitement and prayer. This opens new doors for them for the realization of old dreams, of subsistence farming, community, home, love and loyalty.
The descent of light onto earth occurs as the first centers are created around this light. They are suffused by the light, and they have realized the danger in which we all find ourselves and what must be done for the healing of life on our planet. They suddenly see the overall situation and the possibility of a new evolution for themselves and the entire world. In my latest text “Where is the way out?” (March 2022) I mentioned some points for the development of these new centers that I wish to repeat here:

Guidelines for peace villages and Healing Biotopes:
1. Reintegration of human settlements into the overall family of life on Earth. Protection, care and love of all living beings.
2. Healing of sex, love and partnership. Sexuality and love are the most beautiful gifts of the Universe to the human being. We should manage them consciously and in gratitude. For this we need a binding ethics in our intimate relationships: Sexuality only in true contact and full mutual affirmation. The usual cheatings and secrecy in these areas are not allowed, for there can be no peace on earth as long as there is war in love. Whether we humans will be able to liberate Earth from violence and war largely depends on if we will be able to solve the topic of Eros.
3. Then we have the basic rules of every functioning community: Trust, truth and mutual support; no judgement of others, also not in one’s thoughts. Trust is a fundamental key for every true renewal. Wherever there is true trust, a higher power can enter and perform miracles. The establishment of functioning healing biotopes requires that the participants have a relatively high ethical quality; for example, the ability to retain solidarity, mutual support and a focus on the common goal, even in conflict situations. A quote from the I Ching: “It is not the special actions of the “I,” but the goals of humanity that give rise to community among humans.”
4. A new relationship with the animal world. Animals are like organs in the overall organism of life. They all work together for the health and the cohesion of the whole. Therefore, pay attention and develop friendship, love and support for all living creatures—also for such loyal companions as rats or the supposed vermin in the garden. In this connection I wish to express my deep thanks to Eike Braunroth, the founder of peace gardens.
5. And everywhere the appreciation of the sacred and healing powers in the world. The recognition of a cosmic field of healing and its manifestation in miracle healings, near-death experiences or situations of rescue, where no rescue seemed to be possible. Here we find a truly joyful message, the real gospel of the Universe. The world is full of such experiences. We should no longer ignore them if we want to find a realistic vision of healing for the future of our human life. I would not say this unless I had experienced it myself.
6. In view of the coming catastrophes, we need an organization of self-sufficiency for our biological survival that makes us independent of the large-scale systems. We especially need subsistence farming with functioning self-sufficiency in the areas of water, food and energy. Once this point is combined with the other requirements, then the systems we call peace villages or healing biotopes emerge. As soon as the first such systems function, similar models will soon arise at different places on earth, for we humans are all connected with the same world order of the Sacred Matrix.

These six points constitute a uniform information system based on the Sacred Matrix. It is a planetary system of information, for it applies to all places and cultures. If this is successful, if all six points come together in the same spirit, then a morphogenetic field for a new way of living together on Earth emerges at the global level, because all beings are connected with this order. Herein lies an answer to the question how a world without war can arise.
The spiritual powers of the Universe are limitless. With them every war can be ended, provided the first human beings seek out the inner place of the world where the all-pervading power lies. There, every illness, every hatred and every war ends. There, even a Putin could be struck by the divine ray. How things develop depend on if and how the first groups on Earth make the decision to wholeheartedly base their lives on the principles of the sacred matrix. Dhyani Ywahoo, the Cherokee priestess, once wrote, “It is through the conscious decision to live in a sacred way that we attract the teachings, the information and the understanding that help us to unfold all our gifts for the good of all.” As soon as this occurs, a new development inevitably begins on Earth. Everywhere, new life fields and new communities emerge, for all beings on Earth are connected with a cosmic biocomputer which contains the program of the sacred matrix. All inhabitants on Earth are therefore connected with the sacred matrix.
This worldwide movement will begin almost invisibly (perhaps it has already begun?), for small groups are enough to break the collective spell and start a large “morphogenetic movement.” Satprem, the spiritual companion of the Mother in Auroville, put this thought in a beautiful, poetic form fifty years ago:
“And if one day these ten or fifty could build a single little pyramid of truth, whose every stone has been laid with the right note, the right vibration, simple love, a clear look and a call to the future, the whole city would actually be built, because they would have built the being of the future in themselves. And perhaps the whole earth would find itself changed by it, … and that insignificant little enterprise of a tiny city under the stars may be the very Enterprise of the world, the symbol of its transmutation, the alchemy of its pain, the possibility of a new Earth by the single transfiguration of one piece of earth and one piece of mankind.”
Through long experience of community and many lectures, I have noticed that most people are not prepared for the thoughts presented above. Too many topics that so far have been separate, come together here. The necessary knowledge of the laws of the “other reality” can be compared to the mystery knowledge of ancient times. The leading forces of the coming communities need a corresponding training in theory and practice. Such schools lie at the core of future healing biotopes. Here, a high will power is required. The goal is to create new life fields that conform with the rules of the sacred matrix (see the six points above). Humanity can no longer avoid this task if it wants to survive. The thought will spread until the entire Earth has become a single healing biotope. The goal has then been reached, as far as we can see today. War is over.